Guidelines and Etiquette


1. Never put your teacher in the position of having to counsel you regarding common sense etiquette, courtesy and responsibility including payment for class or safety
2 Regular and serious practice. Do not waste our time or yours.
3 No Profane or Abusive Language! Always talk with respect and diplomacy regardless of if you are addressing the teacher, guests or fellow students.
4 Always have genuine respect for your Teacher(s) and other students. Disrespect to either will be cause for dismissal.
5 Malicious contact, malicious gossip or wrong/negative thinking will be cause for dismissal.
6 No inappropriate use of violence inside or outside the school. Remember that what you do outside the school reflects on the Teacher, school, fellow students as well as yourself. Malicious irresponsible or criminal behavior in the community will not be tolerated.
7 Students are not to teach other students. They may be given the responsibility to guide or help coach students junior to them, but they are not to assume the role of teacher to their brother or sister students in the school. When working with a fellow student they may make constructive suggestions regarding the drill at hand.
8 No arrogant, abusive or malicious criticism of other School or Teachers. No issuing challenges for sparring to other students, or teachers /members of other groups or styles. No arguing with other martial artists that what we do is superior or more deadly or that what they do is wrong.
9 No use of your art to show off or intimidate others.
10 No unauthorized demonstrations
11 Fees are payable in advance and are not refundable. Be sure you wish to train hard and seriously BEFORE signing up.
12 ALWAYS show respect to your fellow student and consider his safety. What we train in we regard as potent and dangerous. While accidents do occasionally happen, ABSOLUTELY NO MALICIOUS CONTACT. Also no unnecessary contact due to careless disregard, going too fast or hard or trying to show off.
13 When working a drill or set of material STAY ON THAT MATERIAL and work for repetitions and muscle memory. Avoid “ad libing “, showing off with other material or going off into other drills. Do not go faster or harder than the teacher has advised you to work. If your partner is new, inexperienced or having problems, adjust your work to accommodate what he or she is able to deal with. The Teacher will advise when to free flow.
14 When studying with teachers and students from other countries or cultures be mindful of appropriate interaction /behaviors. Bear in mind American etiquette is often lax and inattention to one’s behavior might possibly offend.
15 Do not pick up/ use a Teacher’s  or another student’s weapon / trainer without his permission. Once you have been with the group a while you should at least have the most basic of training gear and not need “loaners”. No trying to break another’s weapon/trainer.