Workshops and Seminars


This BIG DALLAS- FT WORTH FALL SEASON SILAT EVENT is coming up FAST !!!! Make ready everyone !!!!

27 OCTOBER 2018
Mahaguru Jak Othman will be in Dallas-Ft Worth for his Kedah Empire Silat workshop on 27 Oct 18 , teaching a heavy dose of weapon oriented work of the Malay Silat Warrior ,unarmed applications, and knee /elbow technology from Silat Tomoi . For certain we know some areas of focus shall be Kuncian( Silat Grappling), Parang( machete), Tongkat ( 4 ft stave) and paired weapons/belati ( knife) and karambit method …
27 October 2018
10 AM- 4 PM
Location The Golden Acorn Academy of Allen 600 South Jupiter Rd.
Allen, TX 75002
Cost: $145 –Cash at Door please
Bring Eye / Groin/ Forearm Protection, Water, Safe training knife and Notebook. ALSO, if you have them, other safe silat weapon trainers: Sarung, Karambit, Keris, Kapak Kecil,
4 ft rattan stick/staff

( a 4 ft hardwood Dowel from Home Depot or Lowes would work fine)

No Outside Video Taping

Check back periodically for announcements of events, local weekend workshops and seminars featuring Pencak Silat teachers from overseas.